August 31st – September 7th NEWS

September 3, Youth Connection Back to School Bash, 7-8:30PM:  All youth (grades 6-12) are invited to our weekly youth night in our youth room (CE200-202) from 7-8:30PM.  We have special things planned, and Chick Fil A on the menu.  Come join us!!
September 5th, First Friday Friends, 7-9PM:  All children in the 3rd-5th grades are invited to meet at the Plano Aquatic Center on Friday, Sept. 5th for a back to school pool party!  Sign up online.
Pack to School:  It’s not too late! School supplies for our Pack to School drive will continue to be accepted through Sept. 7th. We received word that an additional 1,000 packs of supplies will need to be assembled, so any and all of your donations are greatly appreciated! Most needed items are: spiral notebooks, pocket folders with brads, #2 pencils and crayons. Donations should be dropped off in the bins in the narthex.
September 7th, Exultation, Credo & Tinntinabulator’s rehearsals resume:
Credo(HS) – 3:30-4:30PM (Sanctuary)
Tintinnabulator’s(MS) – 3:30-4:30PM (CE 204-205)
Exultation(6th-12th grades) – 4:30-6:30PM (Sanctuary)
Click HERE to download last week’s Grace Connection.  To receive the Grace Connection electronically, please email your request to Kris at:
8:15AM Casual Traditional Worship (Wheelus Hall, 1st Sunday Communion)
9:30AM Contemporary Communion Worship

11:00AM Traditional Worship (1st Sunday Communion)